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This conference has a limited capacity and without much publicity, it's already over half sold out. Last year at Steeling we had Dr. Simone Gold speak from America's Frontline Doctors, and she opened the minds of many as to what was actually going on.
This year we're pleased to have one of her colleagues, Mark McDonald, MD., who stood with Simone on the Supreme Court steps in the summer of 2020 protesting the ban of known treatments for Covid.
His Steeling the Mind presentation will explain how the minds of so many Americans were duped into taking a va((ine with unknown ingredients for a virus that was non-life-threatening if treated.
And why these duped Americans continue to take the clot-shots even after tens of thousands of deaths and over a million injuries were reported... by the CDC, the same people recommending the shots!!!! Fascinating info!
We also have other great speakers and topics, including a surprise attendee. :-)
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The article this week is on inflation. It's very important to understand what's happening with our monetary system.
There also is a second article included in Additional Resources section that may be of interest-Are The Covid Winds Shifting-And Why?
 The LORD is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayer of the righteous. Prov. 15:29  
Satan's Inflation
We were warned...
Inflation is one of the results the New World Leader causes with his worldwide drug distribution.(1) This inflation is clearly seen in Revelation 6, where the rider of the Black Horse causes a day's wage to only be enough for food:
When He broke the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, "Come." I looked, and behold, a black horse; and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, "A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; ... Rev. 6:5-6
The Black Horse speaks of death and then the verse explains the following death is caused by inflation-driven famine.
A day's wage refers to a silver coin, the Roman denarius. If it takes everything you earned in a day to just purchase food, you have nothing left for clothes, housing, etc.
This is where our current inflation will end up, albeit after the Rapture.
But before the Rapture, you can make a case that crushing inflation is apparently beginning. The first thing to know is that the inflation rate today compared to the 1970s is a complete lie.
In the late 1970s our inflation rate was 6.8%. Today they claim inflation is about the same, 7%. That comparison is meant to make you feel better. by implying "We whipped inflation in the '70s and we'll do it again." Don't buy the lie.
What they're not telling you is that in 1984 they changed the basket of items they use to measure inflation. If we measured it today like they did in the '70s, inflation would be 15%. See the chart below.
And don't think for a minute that 15% is no big deal. Since the 1970s, inflation has averaged 3.8% per year. That means what cost $100 in 1970 now costs $740 today.
That's an increase of over 600%.(2) But if we're at 15%, inflation is four times as high as the average since the 1970s and twice as high as the worst years, 1979-1982.
To make matters worse, inflation is continuing to climb. Senator Rand Paul just this week stated, "It's (Inflation) only going to get worse." Worse means heading into the range that it'll take a day's wage to buy only food.
This is major! Everyone needs to think about how severe inflation will affect you between now and the Rapture.
Hard assets basically are always worth the same, all the time. They remain the same value because it's just the money that inflates. So having a lot of cash in the bank may not be the best idea in an inflationary environment as it'll be worth less in the future.
Then of course, when it gets really bad, we have to also consider that the government will step in to solve the problem that they created. Sound familiar?
The Satanists would like nothing better than to change our monetary system to be rid of paper money and move to a digital monetary system. In their mind, they would control the digits. If you didn't do what they wanted, your digits would be at risk.
But this "Reset" to digital currency is a deep topic and since it concludes with the post-Rapture Mark of the Beast, we'll leave it for a future discussion. We have enough to think about with the hyper-inflation coming that WILL affect all of us.
I am not credentialed to give financial advice. But from a Biblical perspective, I would recommend these verses to guide you with your current monetary decisions:
Your testimonies [scriptures] also are my delight; They are my counselors. Psa. 119:24
Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed. Prov. 15:22   
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Phil. 4:6
So don't make any knee-jerk reactions without getting advice from at least two or three people. Your goal in this environment is not as much a return on your investment as it is the return of your investment.