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Dear Compass Supporters:
Is this getting exciting or what!?
Did you ever believe you would get to see so much Bible prophecy being fulfilled as we are right at this moment? I certainly didn't!!
It seems we're fast approaching a breaking point where something's got to give.
Either Biden/Globalists/Satanists will be exposed or Believers may be dropping petty doctrinal differences- locking arms and becoming candidates for one of those heavenly crowns.
But if the Rapture doesn't happen and this country continues to collapse, we'll have some interesting decisions to make. Again, I'm hoping this leads to revival!
Worst case, we will be reacquainting ourselves with what it means to "Trust the Lord!"
Speaking PlainlyDuring the wild election in 2020, I wrote that a lot was at risk in the United States if Biden got elected.
The biggest problem (of his many) was his desire to collapse our economy so he could fold us into a world system. (See quote inset)
With that new system in mind, I would like you to read sort of a cold-water-in-the-face article about our current national situation. Please read CLICK HERE.
Reading it was uncomfortable for me, but it is probably right on target.
If nothing changes, it appears we may have to put on the big-boy pants to deal with what's coming. And don't miss the last two words in the article.
Looking Up Not DownOne more thing along the lines of what we could be in store for in the coming months...if death from va))ines, food shortages and dealing with delusional people weren't enough.
Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. Col. 3:2
Be careful who you look to in order to be spared from all that seems to be coming at Believers.
Always remember, there is only one person who can save us and bring peace to this world, and that is the God-man Jesus Christ.
There will be no peace until God Himself, the Prince of Peace, comes and removes the evil that has long engulfed this planet. So keep your eyes on Him because only He can deliver us.
About Those Addresses...In the last eNews I suggested that to make sure we had everyone's snail mail address in case the Internet was closed down, to just reply and put in your snail-mail address.
I'm not sure what I was thinking, but my email account runneth over! Hopefully a dark web will never happen. But good to have a backup plan just in case.
And many thanks to all the encouraging comments people wrote us! We're very grateful and much appreciative!
How blessed is the man who has made the LORD his trust, and has not turned to the proud, nor to those who lapse into falsehood. Psa. 40:4