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Dear Thomas,
Today is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons! The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed this day as a day to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking. This year's theme is the "use and abuse of technology." 
Many traffickers use the internet to recruit and sell young victims.
Recently a trafficker went online and sold a youth for sex in another state. The youth reached out to ZOE through our social media platform for help to escape.
Our team contacted law enforcement and partners in that state, who found and rescued her and helped secure a safe shelter so she could return home safely.
Technology is often the only way a victim can ask for help, but it is also the tool used to buy and sell people for sex and labor.
For 20 years, ZOE has been working to reach every person with God's love and rescue every child from human trafficking through our prevention, rescue, and restoration efforts. 
The problem is real, and it's happening in our cities and neighborhoods.
Will you consider making a donation to prevent more vulnerable children from being trafficked and rescue those who are scared and trapped in a dark, hopeless world? 
Give Now to Fight Human Trafficking

Today on World Day Against Human Trafficking in Persons, agencies that work on the frontlines to support survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation stand more resolved than ever to collaborate to support efforts to combat this crime and help those who are the most vulnerable.
With your support, we can continue this life-saving fight to prevent and end child trafficking.
Until every person is reached and every child is rescued,
Will You Hear The Trumpet