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IMPORTANT:Watch and Share
I believe this video may be a game-changer for a lot of reasons. I implore every Believer to watch it and share it with your private email lists.
It is a succinct and factual explanation showing that the purpose of the man-made Covid scare was to get as much of the world as possible to be injected with a pathogen (poison) for the purpose of killing over a billion people. Yes, you read that correctly.
Well-credentialed Dr. David Martin(2) is interviewed by Stew Peters for about 50 minutes and the information disseminated is explosive, to say the least.
The contents pretty much sum up what's really going on with Covid and the Globalists. I imagine Dr. Martin's life may be in danger.
I would avoid posting the link on Facebook and Twitter as it will be immediately removed from your post... and maybe get your account banned. So don't take the chance. Do pray about sending this link, or forwarding this email to as many email addresses as you can.
CLICK HERE to watch the video
After watching the above video, here are some thoughts to consider:
If the info in this video begins hitting the mainstream, as some of it is already being reported on Fox(1), the Globalists may feel their power is being threatened.
Since the Globalists seem to be "all in" on their global takeover, it's not likely they will give up power peacefully. Plan accordingly because the sky is the limit as to what they might do.
Globalists' Response?They would be so desperate they might do an EMP attack that would shut down the Internet, and possibly even electricity for a while.
Or they may fake another health scare for another total shutdown.
Or possibly they will do something no one has thought about. Satan is behind all of this, so who knows what he has up his sleeve. But the point is, there's a good possibility they WILL do something as the stakes are high.
But also God may do something we never thought about.
An interesting thought...Think about it-if we're in lock-down while an EMP attack occurs, and then the Rapture happens, only a few people would notice.
The Globalists could then control the information through the Emergency Broadcast Network. The big lie could be that the vaccine will save you, which would ultimately lead to requiring the Mark of the Beast(3) to buy and sell. Just a thought.
What If No September Rapture?If Rapture doesn't happen in September, and we go into a prolonged shut-down, with or without electricity, American Christians could experience what South African and Chinese Christians have long experienced-persecution, isolation, being blamed for all problems, inadequate food supplies, etc.
However, if my understanding of Jesus' Noah illustration(4) is correct, then Rapture comes as a surprise to the world. Life was normal on the earth and then God shut the door on Noah's Ark. Then it was all over but the shouting.
Jesus said it will be "JUST LIKE" that when the Rapture happens. Noah represents the Church.
"For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah." Matt. 24:37
Bottom LinePlease watch the video. Discuss the contents with your family members, Christian friends and coworkers.
Pray that the Lord will give you wisdom and protection between now and whenever the Rapture take place.
And pray the Lord will open doors of opportunities so you can boldly share the Gospel.
Is this exciting or what!!!
"...I will come again..." John. 14:3
(1) https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rand-fauci-doj-investigation(2) https://www.davidmartin.world/about/(3) Revelation 13:16-17(4) Matthew 24, Luke 17


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